perjantai 14. helmikuuta 2014

keskiviikko 6. marraskuuta 2013


Whoa, so long time since last post... I have been so busy, maybe its finally time to share some of it in here as well.  We went to Germany to pick up our price for Your Greatest Glory 2012 video competition, i have been doing quite many hired painting works through War Head, photographed many many different events and projects around Finland (and some at Germany, Sweden and UK), participated to Fest 2013 Training Ground at Portugal, filmed new entry for Greatest Glory, started new short as director, did few commercial works for different companies, including our recent Head Hunter Store commercial, we shot entry for Viikon Sketsi competition, did HUGE amount of visual effects for The Last Romantic Couple feature film, some slightly smaller post production projects, continued our on going Ruined Films productions and developed Ruined Films and War Head in general. 

And i did design some new graphics and looks for Poromagia and i won best diorama award at Ropecon 2013 ( might be only personal miniature i painted all year so far ).

Im sure there is plenty still missing but thats a start! 

It has been quite mad, but here and there i have squeeze in some moments to sit ( or stand ) and draw, to keep my painting and drawing improving. It´s been mostly filling some sketch pads, not so much finished piece of artwork. But it keeps you in flow. 

Some practice for my new found interest, inks + watercolors. Here comes the Spider-Man! 

And here we have Black Cat!

I did these two banners for Poromagia to take to events...

... and added some "color" to their store as well.

personal work
commercial work

torstai 31. tammikuuta 2013

Chilling on the Beach 

Small animation i made for trying out workflow. I could work this one further later on, but more likely i will start some new animation project... Although that might include some penguins as well. It seems this is turning out almost penguin exclusive blog... 

Made pretty traditional way, draw each frame, put ´em one after another. But all digital this one! Some of the water is made with animated curves tho.

Penguin Animation test ( work in progress ) from eric raunio on Vimeo.

personal work

sunnuntai 13. tammikuuta 2013

More Penguins 

Latest addition to my ever growing cosplaying penguin gallery! Invincible Iron Penguin and proud Penguin of Steel!

personal work

perjantai 11. tammikuuta 2013

And the winner is...

Ruined Films took part again this year to G&G Armaments "Your Greatest Glory" video contest. Last year we did pretty well and won the main price, Best Commercial Video award.
And guess what? We did it again ;)

I want to thank whole cast and crew for their hard work with this one and everyone who gave us their vote and support!

keskiviikko 31. lokakuuta 2012

Spider sense tingling 

Yet another cosplaying penguin. And next one is just around the corner...

personal work

lauantai 27. lokakuuta 2012


I have been doing mostly film/commercial post production stuff recently, but my latest work was some graphic design: i made logo and poster for upcoming feature film "Nightmare". It was also nice to be able to take part of photographing the actors, which were filmed by Liisa Valonen. Rest of the stuff (excluding the boat) comes from my own library (those holiday pictures can come in handy sometimes!).
Other than that i´ve been getting more and more back to traditional mediums and doing some experimenting with them, mostly acrylics, inks and watercolor now. More of those coming up soon!  

commercial work